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/ Adam Persson

Name: Adam Persson

Date of Birth: 17th September, 1990

Nick Name: Thor

Place of Origin: Stockholm, Sweden

Local Hood these days: Stockholm

When did you start skating: About 10 years ago, been skating downhill since the fall of '09

Your setup: Kahalani Eve with RDVX grip, Kahalani 184 trucks, Kahalani Bearings and RAD Wheels

Favorite Terrain to Skate: Fast stuff

Favorite skateboarding event: Ekstremsportveko in Voss

Top 3 places to skate: Westcoast of Norway, Colorado and the alps

Words of Wisdom: We're all here to have fun! No need to be nervous. Enjoy the run!

Fears: Getting old

Favorite Book: Support your local dealer!

Pets: I once had a budgie called Jacko. This was before i met Mr. Shapiera. They're both flyyyyin'

Favorite Food: Pitepalt

Favorite Beer (or Juice): Orange, carrot and lemon juice

Favorite website to waste time:

Music: Anything that makes me feel good

Social Media Accounts: knewtan @ instagram