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/ Benjamin Debreuil

Name:Benjamin Dubreuil

Date of Birth:30 september 1990

Nick Name: ben30

Place of Origin: Quebec

Local Hood these days: Pemberton. bc

When did you start skating: i was young

Your setup: kebbek skateboards, gull wings charger,venom bush,r.a.d freeride (red),4 bolts.

Favorite Terrain to Skate: lots of turns

Favorite skateboarding event: Giant head

Top 3 places to skate: angola, ile de la reunion, europe

Words of Wisdom: Hippipotamus

Fears: spiders

Favorite Book: berries book, gets your belly full in the summer

Pets: 3 chickens soon, breakfast time.

Favorite Food: sukiaki

Favorite Beer (or Juice): fin du monde

Favorite website to waste time: Redtube

Music: Franco country

Social Media Accounts: Ben dubreuil(youtube account)