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/ Jackson Shaperia

Name: Jackson Shapiera

Date of Birth: 23 march 1989

Nick Name: Jacko GnarSteeze

Place of Origin: Sydney, Australia

Local Hood these days: local hoods in different countries. Northern Beaches when I'm in Oz or Vancouver when across the pond.

When did you start skating: started when I was a lil grom. Pushed around but mostly surfed.

Your setup: Sector9 DH division decks, Aera Trucks, RAD wheels and venom bushings.

Favorite Terrain to Skate: fast foley downhill runs in the jungle with smooth pavement

Favorite skateboarding event: Almabtrieb, Germany

Top 3 places to skate: Vancouver, SoCal, Sydney

Words of Wisdom: there is no such thing as a free lunch. And be good to your mum

Fears: airplanes

Favorite Book: karma sutra

Pets: Rusty the agoraphobic oversized Jack Russell

Favorite Food: seafood

Favorite Beer (or Juice): Thooeys Extra Dry

Favorite website to waste time: redtube

Music: Tool kills it. All time favourite

Social Media Accounts:

Facebook: Jackson Shapiera

Instagram: jackognarsteeze

Twitter: @speshalized

Givit: @jackognarsteeze

Vimeo: Jackson Shapiera, Hopkin Racing