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/ James Kelly

Name: James Kelly

Date of Birth: 3/18/1990

Nick Name: Am Drem

Place of Origin: Petaluma, CA

Local Hood these days: SHM HQ Los Angeles CA

When did you start skating: When I was a kid

Your setup: Arbor Vugen, Rads, Caliber precisions

Favorite Terrain to Skate: Mountain roads

Favorite skateboarding event: Giants Head Freeride or Kozakov

Top 3 places to skate: NorCal Bay/Sierras, Hawaii, Tenerife

Words of Wisdom: Check your nuts

Fears: loose nuts

Favorite Book: 1984

Pets: skatehouse needs a dog

Favorite Food: Like everything but olives and anchovies

Favorite Beer (or Juice): Lagunitas IPA

Favorite website to waste time: vigilant citizen and skatehousemedia

Music: Everything not shitty

Social Media Accounts: (Put your account names here: instragram, Twitter, youtube, vimeo, Facebook fan page ect..)

Instagram: jameskellyshm

Facebook: James Kelly